The Imaichi dam serves as the lower reservoir for the 1,050 MW Imaichi Pumped Storage Power Station, while the Kuriyama Dam forms the upper. Its reservoir can store 9,100,000 m3 (7,377 acre·ft) of water. Of that storage volume, 6,200,000 m3 (5,026 acre·ft) can be used for power generation. The power plant operates using the pump-storage hydroelectric method. During periods of high electricity demand, water is sent from the upper Kuriyama Reservoir to the power plant which contains 3 x 350 MW Francis pump turbines. Water discharged from the power plant then enters the Imaichi Reservoir. When demand is low, the pump-generators reverse mode and pump water from the lower reservoir back up to the upper.

Head = 524 meters

Open-loop Pumped Hydro Storage