In May 2008, JWD completed construction of a wind farm near Rokkasho village in Aomori Prefecture, in northern Honshu. This smart grid wind farm is the first facility of its type to use sodium sulfur (NAS) batteries to store electricity for supply to the national power grid. These batteries are charged at night, when the demand for power is lower, and the stored electricity can be supplied to the grid together with the electricity generated by the windmills during the daylight hours. This ensures a steady supply of power to the grid even during those periods when power production falls as the result of low wind speed.

To control the transmission of power from the Rokkasho wind farm to the national power grid, Tokyo Densan, a Yokogawa representative and systems integrator, successfully installed STARDOM network-based controllers and FA-M3 range-free controllers.



Sodium-sulfur Battery