Discovery at Spring Trails was cancelled.

This project was slated to include up to 30 home installations, each with a battery rated at 1 kW.

The Center for Commercialization of Electronic Technologies (CCET) and partners planned to install and test equipment in the Discovery Center which serves as the technology integration test and demonstration laboratory as well as a community outreach and education facility.

Two housing developments were going to be tested during the project. One was an existing Houston community called Discovery at Spring Trails that would have equipped homes with solar units, residential energy storage (1kW, 12v Valence battery per household), and energy management systems. The experiments control group was planned to be a neighboring community called Legends Ranch, which has not taken steps to improve energy efficiency.

• Improve grid reliability
• Create a template for an advanced demand-responsive Smart Grid community
• Refine a process for selecting the best location to monitor wind energy transmission
• Develop a suite of regional-level electric grid monitoring and load management
systems for wind power
• Enable consumers to better monitor and manage their energy usage and cost through Smart homes energy management systems

Lithium-ion Battery