Western Power will be trialling a 1MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) as a power backup for the town of Perenjori that will eliminate up to 80% of power outages.

The BESS consists of a series of lithium ion batteries and an inverter. It will be connected to the network via a transformer and switching equipment.

In the event of a disruption to the main power supply, BESS will switch on automatically and pick up the power needs of the town with enough stored electricity for between two and four hours, depending on the time of day.

Most of the outages that hit Perenjori are relatively short and are rectified without repair following an inspection of the line for faults. For people connected to the system, it means that the first indication of an outage won’t be the lights going out, it will be a message they are now in the hands of BESS.

This $4.5 million, two year pilot is not the Holy Grail for edge of grid customer reliability, but it is a significant step to increase reliability for towns like Perenjori.

If the trial is successful it could signal the end of – or at least major reductions in – unplanned outages for edge of grid communities like Perenjori.

Lithium-ion Battery