Electro Power Systems S.A. has announced the successful delivery of the storage system sired to the Coober Pedy Renewable Hybrid Power Project’s microgrid in Coober Pedy, Southern Australia.

The availability of solar and wind energy sources, combined with the adoption of the most advanced technologies in the field of storage to master the intermittency of renewables, will significantly reduce the use of diesel generators. This will ensure, simultaneously, a stable supply of energy to local populations. The microgrid energy output will be underpinned by a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with the District Council of Coober Pedy and supported by the Australian Government.

EPS system, a proper hybrid power plant, will be connected to a microgrid composed by (in its final configuration) 1 MW of solar panels, 4 MW wind turbines and up to 6 MVA of generators combined with 1 MW of storage system. Thus, the system will be able to cover up to 70% of the demand, supplying the inhabitants of the area – about 1,600 people – with energy from renewable sources for the hybrid power plant’s 20-year life

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