SCE’s 5-megawatt lithium-ion system from developer Western Grid comes with only a three-year contract term, mainly because its future energy capacity has already been spoken for, via a contract award last year to help SCE meet requirements set under California’s broader energy storage mandate, which requires the state’s big three utilities to procure 1.3 gigawatts of energy storage by decade’s end.

That contract, like the others under SCE’s 2014 Energy Storage request for offers, calls for Western Grid to have the battery up and running by 2020. But with the new proposal, the two are planning to speed up that deployment, with the proposed contract serving as a bridge agreement for the intervening three years.

The system is designed to provide four hours of discharge at the stated capacity, thus providing resource adequacy (RA) for the 5 MW of contract capacity throughout the term of the Santa Paula 1 Contract. The Santa Paula 1 project shares the same location, interconnection substation and developer as the project described in the 2014 Energy Storage (ES) request for offer RFO Agreement.

The project is located at 132 N. 13th St., Santa Paula, CA 93060. The Facility will be interconnected to SCE’s Petit circuit out of the Wakefield substation and has a service voltage of 16 kilovolts (kV). The project developer is Western Grid. As noted, 5 MW of capacity is contracted for under the Santa Paula 1 Contract, while 15 MW is contracted for under the 2014 ES RFO Agreement.

Lithium-ion Battery