Intelligent Energy Systems will demonstrate the use of smart inverters and high performance vehicle-format lithium ion batteries to provide short term energy storage in the Kwigillingok High Penetration Wind System.

Similar to the villages of Kongiganak and Tuntutuliak, Kwigillingok is remote, roadless, and very windy. Also very similar is the fact that IES installed a high-tech, holistic system of wind turbines, Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) stoves, a load regulator, and a SCADA system to control it all. What makes Kwigillingok even more advanced is a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). Utilizing the newest lithium-ion batteries from the auto industry, IES has provided the means to run the entire village from wind power. This means that, with wind, the lights are on, but the diesel generators are OFF. For at least 33% of the year: No noise, no pollution, no fuel cost, no maintenance. Now that this system is finished, expected fuel cost savings are 50% or better.

Lithium-ion Battery