Southern California Edison's (SCE) Distributed Energy Storage Integration (DESI) Pilot 1 supports the Scarlet 12 kV distribution circuit out of Orange Substation. This circuit feeds several large commercial and industrial customers, and sees intermittent, multi-megawatt spikes in demand as part of the customers’ manufacturing and testing operations. DESI 1 constantly monitors overall circuit load, as well as load from the predominant customer on the circuit, and discharges to dynamically limit the power of either of these loads to a predefined threshold.

The 2.4 MW/3.9 MWh NEC Solutions lithium-ion battery defers the need for costly distribution network upgrades and increases reliability by ensuring the circuit can meet summertime peaks. In addition to limiting load, the system can simultaneously support the voltage of the distribution circuit, or control reactive power flow at the substation by using the reactive power capability of the power conversion system.

Lithium-ion Battery