Comprised of 68 initial distinct locations in multi-unit residential properties, the Powertree San Francisco One project aggregates to a total of 3.26 MW of power and 3.5 MM of energy along with 2.5 MW of controllable EV charging.

Powertree's patented and patent pending architecture enables multiple streams of benefit to participating parties in a given installation:

- Grid Services are enabled via aggregated dispatchability of power for regulation services at 4 second intervals
- Electrical vehicle charging is provided to serve 100% of currently shipping vehicle models at up to 18 KW per vehicle
- Vehicle Grid Integration capability in place to allow both V1g (smart controlled charging from grid side) and V2G (bi-directional energy flow)
- On site solar generation is used to provide solar energy credit to local tenants or to act as back up generation in the case of grid outage
- System can operate and maintain functionality during extended grid outages servicing vehicles and building concurrently
- Convenient and accessible high rate of charge EV charging for San Francisco area EV drivers.

Powertree is planning 2500 locations in California.

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