East Japan Railway Company (JR East) installed a 240kWh-capacity GS Yuasa Corporation lithium-ion storage battery system (approximately 12.6 kWh x 19 battery units) at Hiraizumi Station on the Tohoku Line. The station is a model for JR East's "ecoste" (Environment Earth Conscious Station of East Japan Railway Company) initiative aimed at powering train stations through renewable energy with zero emissions.
The electric power supply system at Hiraizumi Station was installed by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and JR East is aiming to supply all the station's power from solar generation. The lithium-ion storage battery system enables JR East to store excess power generated by the solar panels and supply the power during nighttime hours and inclement weather, maximizing the effective usage of renewable energy.
The installed lithium-ion storage battery system comprises 114 modules configured in series and parallel. The configuration of multiple LIM50E-12G modules, both in series and parallel, enables simple customization consistent with the customer's voltage and capacity needs.

Lithium-ion Battery