The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology developed and installed an innovative DC-linked pilot storage system at KIT Campus North together with different industry partners. Surplus solar energy can be stored in the li-ion batteries and therefore is available at times of peak load and at night. The KIT-developed central control unit (CCU) represents the higher automation level for long-term and strategic energy flow control, taking into account external variables. The system is self-sufficiently controlled depending on the operator’s load profile and measured system data, and the CCU ensures a smooth operation of the system in order to maximize battery performance.

System components: PV system of 37 kWp, two li-ion batteries of 25 and 50 kW, central control unit (CCU), two DC/DC converters of 25 kW each, DC/AC converter of 250 kW

Due to its modular design the capacity of the storage system
is expandable up to 2 MWh.

Lithium-ion Battery