This 20 MW plant comprises 200 Beacon Power Series 400 flywheels that provide frequency regulation services to grid operator NYISO. Beacon flywheels recycle energy from the grid in response to changes in demand and grid frequency. When generated power exceeds load, the flywheels store the excess energy. When load increases, the flywheels return the energy to the grid.

The flywheel systems can respond nearly instantaneously to the ISO control signal at a rate that is 100 times faster than traditional generation resources. The plant can operate at 100% depth of discharge with no performance degradation over a 20-year lifetime, and can do so for more than 100,000 full charge/discharge cycles. The flywheels are rated at 0.1 MW and 0.025 MWh, for a plant total of 20.0 MW and 5.0 MWh of frequency response.